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Project Search  - - A worldwide fashion directory for models, bloggers, photographers, manufacturers, fashion & beauty brands, etc.
USD 6,000,000
Funding / Investment Opportunity for Established Jewelry Business
In view of domestic and international expansion and presence, an established crystal jewelry brand is currently seeking Equity Partners / P.E. Investors.
USD 860,000
Firstdial - Sri Lanka's 1st Search engine
search for anything Call for anything
Expertise Required:
USD 400,000
e-commerce on Women Apparel
Expertise Required:
USD 400,000
Seeking investors for a Seaplane Air/Taxi project Bali Indonesia
Wishing to acquire existing company and expand it with air/taxi services
USD 19,000,000
Gaintz Financial Tech, Marketing & Big Data Analytics Platform
Big companies are moving towards Big Data & Internet of Things. Gaintz took this opportunity to introduce a Loyalty Ecosystem platform to combine them together.
Expertise Required:
USD 2,500,000
IBI eLearning
The e-Learning model that completely replaces classroom training!
USD 1,000,000
START UP FUND NEEDED for Sound and Lighting Company
Need Start Up Fund For Sound & Lighting System Rental / Event Management Company
USD 150,000
Dark Lion Cosmetics
Apart from the usual IT, real estate and apps, there is - as is evident from our concept - an unusual industry, with an exceptionally high profit margin-higher
USD 5,000,000
The Multi Purpose Transporter
To introduce a 10-tonne load carrying transporter, 50% lighter,using green technology,reducing the operating cost by 50% but costing only 70% of similar model
USD 1,500,000
Certified green cleaning solutions
To be Singapore's first US certified green cleaning service provider and training company
USD 450,000
Event Management Software
To provide convenient software solutions for event managers, we provide all-in-one tools for effective planning.
USD 500,000
Local Tourist Guest House
Construct a local tourist guest house in an island of the capital atoll of the Maldives.
USD 150,000
digital passport, unolinks. Where your social networks worlds collide !
USD 750,000
ImageCrowd - Asian Stock and Crowdsources Images
We are a marketplace for stock and crowdsourced images. We are based in Singapore and currently raising capital to develop the platform.
USD 750,000
social networking
Expertise Required:
USD 5,000,000
Carsharing is designed for shorter time and shorter distance trips as an extension of the transportation network
USD 300,000
Medical Technology
I am looking for fund raising through Private Equity or Venture Capital for Business Project in Hi-technology innovation Patented Medical Device in India.
Expertise Required:
USD 500,000
Launch an aerial stock & job referral website for drone industry
A two sided marketplace dedicated to the professional drone industry, providing the distribution of bespoke work and sale of stock footage.
USD 600,000
DESIGNation is a retail website dedicated to locally designed products across fashion, furniture, product and graphic design by independent designers.
Expertise Required:
USD 600,000
Goga Moga Apps
Interactive social events experience.
Expertise Required:
USD 300,000
Glue Engine
Create games in less than 10 minutes
USD 263,600
Facility Management Conferences ( FMC)
Organizing FM Conferences across Asia
USD 1,000,000
GeckoLife - a Social 2.0 company
Communicate, collaborate and create canvases! Groups, families, and even children, can now share moments in a way that is easy, safe and lasts forever.
USD 250,000
First integrated Palm Oil Plantation Services&Solutions provider
We are looking to raise USD 1,000,000 (1 Million USD) to kick start the world's first integrated end to end Palm Oil Plantation Services & Solutions Provider.
Expertise Required:
USD 1,000,000
Recruitment Assistance with a new flavor
USD 350,000
Online Social Shopping Platform
Online Social Shopping Platform to gather all online boutique shop
Expertise Required:
USD 1,200,000
Branding Agency in Singapore with Creative Studio in India
Set-Up office in Singapore. Fund will be used for renting office space, furnishing, equipment and staffing in Singapore.
Expertise Required:
USD 200,000
Photography Contest Maker App as promotional tool
To develop an app that allows merchants to post customized photography contests to promote their outlets. Those customers who participates will win prizes
Expertise Required:
USD 1,553,037
Carsome automotive pricing & information network
Carsome is an automotive pricing & information network for car buyers and dealers. It is designed to provide transparent car buying experience for everyone.
Expertise Required:
USD 500,000
My name is my number - Take back your mobile identity!
USD 400,000
Independent film and production company
An independent production company which develops and produces films and television programming
USD 750,000
Durian Orchard
Enjoy eating durians same time enjoy unlimited income
Expertise Required:
USD 380,000
An Interactive Singing Animated Picture Book for iPad
A Mobile Application for Children's Entertainment
USD 150,000
I am entering the two-wheeled industry because of my hobby-turned-love for motorcycle, performance parts and the need to provide quality workmanship.
USD 200,000
Master Franchise for SEA
Bringing forward the conventional yogurt to a new level. Instilling the benefits and new yogurt based products into the South East Asia market. .
Expertise Required:
USD 120,000

Food & Beverage
Sport & Recreation
Music & Entertainment
Fashion / Beauty

Capital Budget
USD 20,000 and below
USD 20,001 -USD 50,000
USD 50,001 - USD 100,000
Above USD 100,000

New Zealand
United States (US)


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